Kunsthalle Mannheim/Dietrich Bechtel

A wide range of support options

There is a long tradition of civic commitment to Kunsthalle Mannheim. The Kunsthalle is also dependent on sustained support for future exhibitions with international loans, the expansion of the collection, and a lively cultural education programme.

Donations and Sponsoring

We are very grateful for donations from private individuals as well as businesses. Please send these to:

Stiftung Kunsthalle Mannheim
Sparkasse Rhein Neckar Nord
IBAN: DE66 6705 0505 0000 0018 21
You will of course be sent a receipt with which you can claim your donation against tax. As a company, you can also support the Kunsthalle as a sponsor - for example, specifically for special exhibitions, our digital strategy or via project-related commitment in the field of art education. We are happy to explain the various possibilities of cooperation in a personal conversation.


Theresa Krukies, M.A.
Fundraising / Development
+49 621 293 6283

Engagement der Hector-Stiftungen

With their generous donation of €50 million, Hans-Werner Hector and his wife Josephine made it possible to construct the new museum building, which opened on Friedrichsplatz in 2018. The building bears their name in recognition of their patronage.The H.W & J. Hector Foundation also uses its funds to support exhibitions and artist projects. Every three years, together with the Kunsthalle Mannheim, it awards the Hector Prize for Contemporary Art in Germany. The 2019 award went to Hiwa K.
The Hector Foundation II Kunst gGmbH spearheaded and financed the site-specific light installation “Split Decision” by James Turrell. The work of the American light-art pioneer in the former Athena corridor transforms the passageway between the art nouveau building and the new building into an unforgettable perceptual experience. We are profoundly grateful to the Hectors and their foundations for supporting our institution for many years.