In her varied oeuvre, Barbara Hindahl reflects positions of contemporary drawing in a consistent manner, while simultaneously playing with forms of the trompe l’oeil in the style of the old masters. Her motifs are drawn from traces of everyday life, for example, fluffs, which she draws hyperrealistically on large-format sheets. The lines occasionally develop an independent momentum and take on a life of their own, going beyond the pure depiction of reality. Hindahl’s drawings invite the viewer to scrutinize the seemingly chaotic yet artful structures that appear abstract at first sight. Marginal things come into the focus of attention and develop an idiosyncratic aesthetic that hints at what the reality of the depicted object actually looks like. At the same time, the drawings call to mind sketches by 19th-century artists who purposefully sought to visualize the landscape and arrived at almost abstract formations. Hindahl’s drawings on graph paper literally pervert the object of depiction. She manages to let the viewers doubt their perception. Is the crease in the paper a flaw or is it drawn? The imperfections in everyday life, whether it’s the dust that has to be cleaned, the misprint that would otherwise be thrown in the wastepaper basket, or the hazy light appearance showing a ghost – wherever the viewers ask themselves whether something is right or not, we have arrived at the center of what Hindahl is engaged with. The doubt cast on the depiction of reality forces one to question one’s own perception of it.

Curator: Dr. Thomas Köllhofer


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