John Bock numbers among the most important contemporary performance and video artists of our time. In 2013, his impressive installation performance “Voll die Beule” for the Kunsthalle Mannheim exhibition “Only Sculpture!” had the audience in raptures. The work included three actors and also incorporated sculptures from the museum’s collection. The sculptural “sum mutation” of this performance will be merged with a reconstruction of Bock’s first large work “LiquidityAuraAroma”, with which he made his international breakthrough in the 1998 Berlin Biennale. The artist has preserved crucial elements of this installation, designed to resemble a film set and stage, and is treating them as a piece in themselves. Now, they will be reworked as part of a reenactment and shown in a site-specific “room-in-a-room” at the Kunsthalle Mannheim.

Curator: Dr. Sebastian Baden


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