Individual bookable offers

Individual bookable offers


Private group tours for adults

You are welcome to book private group tours with us by appointment. We are available for planning and consultation by phone or e-mail. The group is limited to 25 participants*. Dates: by arrangement; please allow 14 days' notice - thank you!


Licensed tours for adults

The Kunsthalle Mannheim allows licensed guided tours (groups on their own) for adult groups after prior registration and appointment. The number of persons per group is limited to 25 participants*. Several parallel guided tours are possible.


Barrier-free guided tours

The Kunsthalle offers private guided tours in which trained art educators address the special needs of people with various disabilities.


Team Events

Team events at the Kunsthalle can transform an anniversary, Christmas party, or meeting into a fun and creative get-together..


Children's birthday party

For children aged 6 to 12, a birthday party at the museum is something special: together with friends and siblings, they go on a tour of the exhibition and then, of course, into the studio to paint and create.


Teachers' afternoon

During a tour (duration: approx. 60-90 minutes), we inform teachers about the current exhibition and our customized school offers. We will be happy to add you to our special educational mailing list and invite you personally by e-mail in the future.


Guided tours for preschool children

We invite groups with children from 5 to 6 years old to playfully explore the exhibited artworks. Afterwards, our youngest museum visitors can experiment with paints, brushes and pencils and take their creatively designed experiences home with them.


Guided tours for school classes

We organize guided tours for all class and educational levels on changing themes and works from our special exhibitions and collection presentations. A practical part can be added for more in-depth knowledge.


Licensed tours for school and kindergarten groups

The Kunsthalle Mannheim allows licensed guided tours for school and kindergarten groups (groups on their own) after prior registration and appointment. There is no fee for licensed tours.


Museum suitcase for elementary school and pre-school children

The museum suitcase allows a low-threshold as well as cheerful first access to the world of art. We would like to make the children curious about visiting the many works of art in the Mannheim Kunsthalle.


Contact for Adults:

Advise and booking:
+ 49 621 293 6446


Contact for teachers, school classes & children's birthday parties (Abendakademie Mannheim):

Advise and booking:
Anna Quintus
+ 49 621 1076 186