STUDIO: Giulia Dall'Olio

03/03/2022 to 04/24/2022

Giulia Dall’Olio, g 19239 d, 2021, Kohle und Pastell auf Papier

Giulia Dall’Olio, g 19239 d, 2021, Kohle und Pastell auf Papier

The artistic oeuvre of Giulia Dall'Olio, born in Bologna in 1983, is dominated by the question of the relationship between man and nature. Her paintings and drawings, which alternate between realistic rendering and abstraction, show endless forest landscapes that seem impenetrable and draw the viewer further and further into the representation through their richness of detail. The complete absence of man thereby stimulates reflection on a possible future in which nature alone acts as a formative force. In the charcoal drawings created especially for the exhibition in the Kunsthalle's studio, Dall'Olio also takes a look at the basic theme of her artistic work, but in particular addresses the exploitation of Natura as a supposedly endless resource. 

Curator: Dr. Mathias Listl

The exhibition is sponsored by:

This exhibition has been made possible by a benefit auction by ARTgenossen, the Young Friends of the Kunsthalle Mannheim.


Giulia Dall'Olio


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