STUDIO: Itamar Gov

07/06/2023 to 09/24/2023


Itamar Gov, The Last surviving Northern White Rhinoceros, 2021, Installationsansicht © Itamar Gov, Zilberman Gallery, Berlin

Itamar Gov engages with the complex relationships between history, ideology, and aesthetics and investigates various forms of personal, collective, and institutional memory. His works circle around documentary materials, literary anecdotes, oral histories, historical personalities, or the greats of art history that are then addressed with various theoretical approaches and aesthetic techniques. Gov explores the supposed clarity of history/histories and invites the public to join in. The drawings, prints, and video works by the artist, but especially his sculptural and spatial installations, often reveal a local link to the site of exhibition, as in the several channel video installation that will be shown at the Kunsthalle’s STUDIO.

Curator: Pia Goebel

The exhibition is sponsored by:

This exhibition has been made possible by a benefit auction by ARTgenossen, the Young Friends of the Kunsthalle Mannheim.


The STUDIO is where Kunsthalle Mannheim displays contemporary art by living artists. The STUDIO provides space for unfettered transdisciplinary experiments. This is where visitors can see changing exhibitions of new work by international artists working on surprising themes and questions.