STUDIO: Verena Issel

09/08/2022 to 10/23/2022


Opening 09/07/2022, 7 pm

Artist talk with Verena Issel and the curator Anja Heitzer, Auditorium Kunsthalle Mannheim, free entry

Verena Issel (* 1982 in Munich) creates walk-in room installations that are composed of autonomous individual objects such as material pictures, sculptures or video works. She creates multifaceted landscapes, for which she sometimes uses unusual materials such as foam, Styrofoam, plastic, or felt. Her multifaceted formations live from the interplay of the individual components, which fit into the composition without losing their autonomy. Abstract elements stand next to figurative ones, monochrome color surfaces next to wild patterns, and traditional oil painting next to misappropriated materials such as drain pipes, pipe cleaners, or bricks. Issel's space-specific works combine socio-political themes, literary references, and an intensive examination of art history to create multi-layered arrangements.     

Curator: Anja Heitzer, M.A.

Credit: Verena Issel: Escaping the Mundane (Psychogeographies II) Various works and materials, wallpainting, 2016. Installation view Gallery UNOFFICIAL PREVIEW, Seoul, South Korea. Photography by Jung Hyun Kim

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This exhibition has been made possible by a benefit auction by ARTgenossen, the Young Friends of the Kunsthalle Mannheim.

The things that surround us reflect people’s thinking. Everyday objects are materializations of social structures and orders. Throughout my life I have always been very angered by social structures which I have often felt to be narrow minded – and I still feel them to be this way today. For this reason, from early on I attempted to shake these regimes with the help of objects as proxies. Couldn’t everything be different? And couldn’t one see and organize things differently?
Verena Issel, Interview with curator Anja Heitzer for the STUDIO booklet, 2022


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