Terra Nova – Robbie Cornelissen

10/29/2021 to 03/13/2022


Robbie Cornelissen, De Wachtkammer (Die Wartehalle), 2004, Graphit auf Papier, 240 x 360 cm, Foto: Peter Cox

The Dutchman Robbie Cornelissen is one of the most important contemporary draughtsmen. The exhibition with partly wall-filling drawings and drawing installations as well as a series of films is a highlight of the programme in the rooms of the Graphisches Kabinett in 2021. Cornelissen's often futuristic, architectural drawings mostly show deserted libraries, waiting rooms, factory halls or other large spaces. The often large-format drawings with a width of up to 13 metres develop a suction-like effect through the perspectively aligned rooms: the viewers lose themselves in the wide spaces as well as in the numerous details that can still be found even in the depths. The rooms themselves become mirrors of the human inner life, both of the artist and of the viewer. This effect of being in the picture is heightened many times over in the artist's films. There, however, the animation itself takes over the movement of the eyes and thus determines the dramaturgy. The exhibition will feature drawings that have found their way directly into the films, so that visitors can directly understand the different effects of static drawing and moving "film drawing".

Curator: Dr. Thomas Köllhofer

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Trailer - Terra Nova - Robbie Cornelissen


Terra Nova Robbie Cornelissen Hinter den Kulissen

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