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Kunsthalle Mannheim opened as a museum in 1909, making it one of the world's first civic collections of modern art. Key epochal works of painting from Édouard Manet to Francis Bacon as well as an outstanding sculpture collection ranging from modernism to contemporary art characterise the museum's profile. In addition to care of the collection, the development of high-calibre exhibitions and provenance research represent the focal points of the Kunsthalle's scientific work.
Kunsthalle Mannheim is opening up digital museum worlds as well as the analogue. Whether the innovative project "From Work to Display", the Museum App, our Graphic Art Table or the Collection Wall – a comprehensive range of digital offerings invite visitors to get active themselves and continue to discover the Kunsthalle afresh.

As a city within a city, however, the Kunsthalle offers much more: in ProgrammPlus, the Kunsthalle has created special event formats that revive founding director Fritz Wichert's motto "Art for All" and so examine the present day in a new way through art. There is something for everyone, from lively discussions to art-historical lectures, classical chamber music concerts, performances and academic symposia. These various formats and concepts enable the Kunsthalle to address the public actively and hopefully to inspire new target groups for the museum.

The art education department regularly offers public guided tours, art talks and workshops for children, young people, adults and families. In lively exchange with visitors young and old, the Kunsthalle is a place of education and entertainment - also at weekends, on public holidays and during holidays.

In addition, visitors can enjoy the museum shop, gastronomy, free admission to the atrium and, last but not least, a spectacular view of the most beautiful square in Mannheim.


The team of the Kunsthalle Mannheim


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The Kunsthalle is dependent on long-term support for future exhibitions, the expansion of the collection, and its lively programme.

Room Hire

The Kunsthalle Mannheim offers various rooms to hire for corporate events and private celebrations.


The most important events in the history of the Kunsthalle Mannheim from its foundation in 1907 until today.


The historically evolved complex on Mannheim's most beautiful square includes Hermann Billing's art nouveau building from 1907 and the Hector Building, completed in 2017.