Biennale for Contemporary Photography

From Where I Stand: Contested Landscapes
Misha Vallejo Prut, Sarayaku, aus der Serie Secret Sarayaku, 2019

The Biennale of Contemporary Photography is curated this year by Dutch curator Iris Sikking under the title "From where I Stand (From my point of view)". The Biennale will take place in Ludwigshafen (Wilhelm Hack Museum and Kunstverein), Heidelberg (Kunstverein) and Mannheim (Kunsthalle Mannheim, Museum Weltkulturen D5 in the Reiss-Engelhorn Museums, Port 25). The exhibition CONTESTED LANDSCAPES is dedicated to the ecological challenges facing the world today. For centuries, imperialist and capitalist endeavors have led to the exploitation of the earth. Nature is seen as a resource for economic growth: Its economic value outweighs its ecological value. But in the face of climate change, a rethink is needed. The question arises how we can rebalance the relationship between humans and the environment to enable future generations to live more sustainably. The selected artists* take us from the Baltic Sea to South America to show the consequences of marine pollution, waste management and mineral extraction. Rather than observing topographical changes from afar, they involve local people and their stories to highlight what is at stake socially and politically.

Curator: Iris Sikking



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